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Art by --) NeipyPien
Song: Welcome to the moon

Todo List

-1 star> sketch done; 2 stars> lineart done; 3 stars> colors and effects done
:star-empty:>0%, :star-half:>50%, :star:>100%

Free Lance project Chibi -- :star::star::star-half:
LoL Fanart for NE-R0 -- :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:
SS for Agents -- :star: :star-half: :star-empty:
Sketch Commission for Tsukiro-san -- :star-half: :star-empty: :star-empty:
Sketch for Andecaya -- :star-empty: :star-empty: :star-empty:

Sketch Commission for Ecanusiofiel
Kiriban won by SushiStarBomb
Stock commission for GremlinToonz
Touch of Pink ----)…
Stock Photo for contest 1
Art for NeipyPien -----)…
Portrait for DamaiMikaz…… 


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Best inspiration and favourite artists.

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Sometimes, I don't reply

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 12:52 PM

Hi folks!

How is it going?

On my side, it's going well! I'm working really hard on beautiful projects at school. I usually don't post my infography projects on DA because most of them don't have ''Free of use'' images and photos. But I can still show maybe one or two things.

I often use my own stock for photoshop projects. Simply because it's free and suitable. (Photoshop)

Yes, yes! We also create zombies at school! How cool is that? (Photoshop)

I took the opportunity to use this project as a Christmas gift for my fiancé. It's table props based on one of Diablo III characters. (InDesign)

I swear, I have so many projects, I don't even know where to put them anymore xD
Talking about school, I will graduate during December! Yay!

Ok, main subject time!

When I don't reply...

Sometimes, I don't reply to notes and comments. And it's not because I don't like you D: DA pages are still having trouble to load properly at home and it can make the ''art'' of replying very difficult to me. I also have a lot of notes to reply to, and I might overlook yours by accident. So if I haven't reply after a long moment, feel free to send me a note again. I will never be bothered by it, it'll only help me to remember and see throught all my older notes. :la:

Take care everyone!

WINNERS (Stock Contest 3)

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 3:46 PM
Remember; the contest is about originality and not only about skills. The winners caught my eye with a great composition and a good idea to show off. I also picked up only finished work. 

1st place
Dark Link by  Nekomiez
(500 :points:)

The Legend of Zelda sure is an iconic video game. Not only for its gameplay and story, but also for its memorable characters. I adore how emotional and powerful this artwork shows the battle between the real and ''dark self''. The image itself tells a story, a deep one where darkness awaits. The addition of Navi was a bright idea. Not only it bring a little source of color and hope, but it also gives another perspective to look at. Navi, who faces this dramatic moment, is powerless... hoping with all her might that her friend comes back. Unchanged.

2nd place
Breath of Fire 3 by Toxic--Vision
(300 :points:)

It looks like a poster! Those were my first thoughts when I first lay eyes on this artwork. The details are outstanding, the poses accurate and the disposition of the characters so dynamic! I am impressed at the way the artist drew the hair and how pretty the feathers are. So many colors for one single item. The display ''light and dark'' gives depth to the scenery, a feeling of adventure filled with troubles and beautiful moments. Outstanding work!

It's not easy to turn a female Stock pose into a male one :ninja:

3rd place
Hikage by MidevalExponents2sqr
(100 :points:)

OMG THAT PERSPECTIVE! Poses with strong perspective probably are the hardest to draw. Especially if you have to add props and weapons afterward! With this action pose, we can really feel the video game inspiration behind the character. The little details added to the pants and fabric is a beautiful touch, as much as the Japanese style door in the background. The drawn expression really reflects the original character. Wise, strong... sometimes scary. That's Hikage for you.

Impressive work!

__________________ SPECIAL MENTION __________________
So much poses were used in that artwork! It was great to find strong female characters, all around at the same table :D

4 Mages Walk into a Bar by oragamiknight 

__________________ THE PUBLIC CHOICE __________________
Chosen by you, liked by you!

LaLunatique:  Videogame Stock contest by slyshand
Animation always is impressive... but that artist really can pull off the best ideas!
Tea Time *colored* (The Legend of Zelda) by CaptainMetal
Beauitiful display and such an original way to use the pose!
Contest Entry: Zero-Suit Samus by matkaminski
The coloring style is outstanding as much as how perfect the pose fits the character.

Bravo to all the contestants and thank you for your participation! 
To see all the 18 entries, click here ---)…

Would you like to participate in another contest during fall/winter? Do you have ideas for the theme? Poses you'd like to have for the next contest? Opinion?

:bulletgreen: Leave a comment below!

Thanks for all the love and the support! 


Incoming Stock Series

My Own List
    :bulletgreen: Holding a Cat :bulletred: Mulan inspired (Disney) :bulletred: Old School Mafia :bulletred: Eating at the Table :bulletgreen: Reading a Book :bulletred: Ladder :bulletgreen: Bike and BMX :bulletred: Gamer Inspired :bulletred: Tourist :bulletred: Boredom (emotional inspired)

Your Suggestions
    :bulletred: Holding a Carbine :bulletred: Facial Expressions :bulletred: Defeated :bulletred: Reach the gun :bulletred: Frozen/Burning/Electrified :bulletred: perspective / foreshortening poses :bulletred: Manual arts, sewing, embroiding


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